Thursday, September 13, 2012

Creating an antique brick effect on a ceiling

Every once in awhile I start a job that makes me question my in "why did I ever agree to do this?"  This week I am tediously creating an antique brick effect on this VERY large ceiling.  I know it will be great once it is finally finished.

In the photo above, the green lines are pieces of tape which I carefully laid out to create the brick pattern.  Below I have toned the basic color of the bricks and am beginning to remove the tape.

Nest steps are to add color variation and antiquing to the bricks.

I was left with these 3 nice balls of tape that I removed from the ceiling, all caked with the top paint and texture coats.  Just being silly, but I am thinking of a few galleries that might exhibit this as "art".


  1. Lol, when I saw these balls I thought you were leading to a whole new subject :)
    I am sure the brick ceiling will be very nice. Hope you are getting paid very well for this one.
    You ask yourself "Why??" Porably because you "can" :) Have a great weekend, Julie!

  2. Sunny thanks for your comment! It was a very good job and turned out better than I hoped. I do like challenges and always seem to find myself doing projects like - maybe to prove something to myself or the client?? Check out the following post to see a finished photo.