Sunday, December 4, 2011


6x8 oil on mahogany board

Now that my church project is complete I am happy to be able to find some time to paint with friends.
This week I joined the Susquehanna Valley Plein Air Painters for a brisk morning paint out.  Cecelia found an interesting place for us to paint.  The Lincoln Colored Cemetery is full of old Civil War graves, most of them were older than the surrounding trees.  I decided to focus in on the shapes of some of the stones.  I was also experimenting with a new surface, a clear primed mahogany board.  I enjoyed using this smooth surface as an alternative to the canvas texture which I am sometimes fighting with.  The warm wood color also made a nice base which peeks through the paint in areas.


  1. I like idea of using the mahogany for the support. Very nice! I have some walnut pieces I should be trying. This painting gives me a push in that direction. It's always encouraging to see what others have done.

  2. Wonderful painting Julie! I like how you arranged your composition and how the flag looks to be the focal point. This painting tells a story with all the grave stones around the flag as reminders of the sacrifices made by the men who fought for the country they loved and for what they believed in. Beautiful work!

  3. Thank you Sunny and Brad! I hadn't thought so hard about what I was painting - just treated it as a study of the shapes and light - but it is nice when someone else sees something in your painting.