Sunday, December 4, 2011

First Church of God Restoration

It has been awhile since I posted here. I have been busy working on this church restoration.  I meant to post photos as the project progressed, but didn't seem to find the time, so here they are:

The original plaster cove was badly cracked.  I was able to trace some of the original artwork prior to repairs.

This photo above shows, on the right, the patched plaster with some of the original artwork peeking through.  Because there was so much patching it was decided to completely paint out the cove and reproduce the artwork.  On the left of this photo is a repainted shield.

 New artwork in process

A closeup of the shield scrollwork.  I think the original was painted around 1900 and had a loose, folk art feel to it, so I tried at best to duplicate that style.

The completed cove.  There are 12 shields in all, each with a different center motif.  It was discovered that they are the shields of the 12 apostles and most of the symbols in the shield have something to do with the way in which they were martyred.

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