Thursday, February 17, 2011

Receding Ice by Julie Riker

60 degrees today!! A few artist friends met at Fort Hunter to paint the receding ice.  It was a spectacular sight on the river.  The ice had broken into interesting abstract shapes that were contrasted by the surrounding dark water.  You could hear the massive sheets of ice sliding and crunching against each other as they were pushed downstream.

I painted this 6x8 study of the ice.

It was refreshing to be out painting again after months of cold grayness, and we all felt our spirits renewed.


  1. Nice job, Julie. This so reminds me of the ice jams on the Allegheny River near Oil City in Western PA. Hope you weren't too cold. Did you get those boots yet? :)

  2. Hi Sunny! What a lovely name you have!! It was actually and unseasonably warm day so I wasn't cold at all. I did not get the super expensive boots yet. My current snow boots seemed to be ok for this year. Maybe I will consider that as an investment for the future.