Saturday, June 1, 2013

Glass Jar Study

Thursday was the final night of my oil painting challenge class.  One of the students had requested that we practice painting glass, so I set up a few jars for the students to paint from.
This is the painting I did along with the class.  It was an interesting study in how the background color changes as it is viewed through the lightly tinted jar.  It was also good practice in reserving white - resisting that urge to add too much -  to make the highlights glisten.
This has been a fun class to teach.  Every week we did a "challenge" and each challenge was designed to teach the students about value, color, light, etc.  I think it was good for everyone to work on a fresh small painting each week rather than spending several weeks on one large intimidating canvas.  It got them painting - and painting a lot -- from life -- which is the only way to really learn.  I enjoyed being able to paint along and think they learned from watching me.  I will miss it.

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