Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Camp Hill Quick Draw

     This is the painting I did for the 2 hour Quick Draw Competition in Camp Hill.  As I was working on this I was really trying to concentrate on my values and color saturation in the shadow areas.  It was a challenge for me, but I have never taken the easy route - even for a competition.  When the 2 hours were over I immediately saw what I thought was a flaw in this painting, or at least a change I could make that would improve it.  That is the problem I have with these plein air events is that everything is hurried and there is no time to evaluate the painting.  I was totally surprised that the judge felt it still deserved Fourth Place, but even with the award I was happy that I could later make the adjustments I felt it needed.

     Below is the finish painting with the changes.  As you can see I just made the shrubs a bit larger - especially the one on the right.  I felt that in the earlier version the right side leaned off the canvas too much. 

I titled this "New Paint Job" because up until a year ago this house on Market Street was a dingy battleship gray.  There is a young couple that is now restoring it.  At least, that is what everyone told me as I was painting it.

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