Friday, February 22, 2013

It's not easy painting green...

I teach an oil painting class at the Mechanicsburg Art Center.  The class has sort of evolved into whatever the students feel they need help with.  A few of them mentioned they had trouble seeing and mixing greens, so last night I set up two still of cool green objects and one of warm green objects.  The idea was to force students to see subtle color variations within one color family.  They used no premixed green paint but were free to use any other colors they chose.
warm greens
cool greens
 It's Not Easy Painting Green
8x10 oil
My painting which I did along with the class.
This is the second time we have done a color themed class (last week we did all red for Valentine's Day). I was worried that it might result in a boring painting, but instead I like how it harmonizes everything.  There is still a lot of color variation even within one family.

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