Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Beach Grass

oil on panel

I probably should not admit this, but I have been having a hard time getting myself to paint lately.  I seem to be in a post holiday slump.  I blame it partly on the cold weather which is making it too easy for me to postpone painting outside where everything is brown and uninspiring.  So in an effort to at least do something I am starting to look over some photographs as potential painting subject matter.  I don't really like working from photos, but then it is nice to be inside  and warm.  And at least it gets me painting.

I worked on this one yesterday - from a photo taken on a camping trip to Henlopen, DE in late October -- in fact, the weekend before Sandy hit this coast.  I remember it being too windy to think about painting, so I was taking pictures of some things that inspired me.  In this case it was the pattern of shadows the grasses cast on the dunes that caught my eye.  Now several months later, it is hard to find that same inspiration, but I am trying.  And dreaming of warmer days at the beach....

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